Does Every Business Need the Cloud?

Cloud storage services provide ease when storing and sharing large files on the Internet. But many entrepreneurs are still unsure as to the efficiency and security of these systems. All companies can benefit, regardless of size or segment. It is clear that each has a different need, and the cloud is not something that is just installed and used immediately. It is necessary to carry out a series of tasks, taking into consideration various aspects when building a project and this requires highly specialized equipment, whether internal or external.

Government use

A few years ago, the US Navy began using cloud storage for the migration of their information. With 500,000 employees and about 1,400 systems in operation, it was completed in April 2016, totaling 36 months. In this process, it is expected to reduce half the systems used as well as reducing costs and modernizing the department’s administration. It is interesting to note that, independent of the size of each institution, cloud storage requires investment in planning, effort, resources and time, ensuring a minimum margin of error. Therefore, there are still many questions by entrepreneurs, not only in terms of financial and security issues but also in relation to the whole process.


Hiring professionals

For those who have already decided to use the cloud, it is best to hire a company that has expertise in developing projects like this, but also one that can maintain the cloud for you. The change must be seen as an opportunity to leave behind and replace systems for light, quick and inexpensive versions. Although it is likely that a good part of a company’s environment can be already placed in a virtual environment, changing over to secureshare is best. This is especially the case is a business has high investments in systems management and has very little to support the company’s infrastructure.

Flexible strategy

With the creation of a flexible strategy, businesses can constantly adapt to changing conditions in the industry, especially in those that have no control. Although many people may not know what cloud computing is exactly, everyone knows that it is a vital resource in the corporate world. See the benefits that cloud storage through secure share can offer. The end of local storage (in the form of external HDs and USB’s), which means more information in less space! With the cloud, businesses can virtually store every bit of information. With proper management technology, cryptography information, and passwords, it is possible to rule out physical storage devices, even facilitating the exchange of information between users.

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